Boosting blood and lymph circulation with massage

In a previous article we talked about the role of massage therapy in decreasing cortisol, which causes stress and anxiety. Today we will look at how circulation is improved by massage and which techniques are most effective for your body’s circulatory systems.
There are two main circulatory systems in the human body. The blood flow carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells and the lymph flow carries metabolic waste from muscles and organs. Triggering pressure points to release tension, squeezing muscle tissue, and stroking and tapping cause blood to flow through congested and tense areas. Muscles relax and the healing process begins with increased blood flow with more oxygen and nutrients.

Lymphatic circulation
While the heart is the pump for blood circulation, only external stimulation such as muscle movement and applied pressure moves the lymph fluid in the body. Vital to the immune system, this flow collects dead cells, toxins, pathogens and other nasty stuff from your cells to nodes where the fluid is cleaned and the lymph fluid is returned to the body. Massage stimulates better passage of the lymphatic system, leading to a healthier state.
So if you are suffering from low immunity, cramping in your large muscles, leg numbness or tingling or cold feet or other effects or bad circulation, start with light exercise and add massage to your therapy. Ask your therapist to apply deep pressure in combination with Swedish stroking. Make massage a consistent part of your body maintenance and reap the extra rewards.